Why landscape with stone?
In Western North Carolina, we have a large variety of beautiful, locally sourced stone. Incorporating stonework into the landscape of your property can increase the value of the property and the usability of your space. Stonework can offer long-lasting, easy to maintain solutions to your landscaping and home protection. Working with stones, you can start small with a project and expand over time. There is a broad range of projects that can be accomplished with stones: retaining walls, patios, walkways, steps, firepits, sitting areas, terraces, garden beds, erosion control, etc. The natural aesthetics of stonework enhances the experience of your home.


How can stonework save you thousands of dollars on water damage and erosion control?
Living in the mountains of a temperate rain forest, many properties struggle with significant erosion and water damage issues. Whether you are building a new home or have an existing home, stonework can protect the structure. Many homes recently have been experiencing flooding or water damage to the foundation. Stonework and proper landscaping are keys to directing water away from your home. Likewise, stonework can prevent erosion to hillsides, protect driveways and preserve your landscaping and garden beds. Over the long term, an investment in stonework and proper landscaping can save you thousands of dollars in future damages and repairs.


Why choose dry stack stonework over mortared or cement walls?
Stone is a natural, local resource free from the chemicals and pollutants involved with cement. Dry stack stonework is more durable over time because of its porous nature. Cement absorbs water which cracks in freezing temperatures, while dry stack walls allow a small amount of water to flow through. Also, cement walls will crack and lean during the natural settling process of the soil, where dry stack walls are designed to shift with the settling process. In general, dry stack stone work is easier to maintain, easier to repair and easier to expand. It lasts longer and provides an incomparable natural beauty.


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