Project Photos

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Crooked Creek, NC

30+ ton project: 30 tons of boulders – 16 yards of mulch 30+ trees and shrubs
This entry way project was completed in a few days. Boulder placement, planting and mulch spreading. The property was having a lot of trespassing as it had been abandoned for some time, after new construction the homeowners wanted something that stood out and let people know that the property was lived in and cared for.

North Asheville, NC

35 ton project: 25 tons of rock – 10 tons of gravel
This retaining wall was built to hold up the hillside so that we could get 2 more parking spaces in this tight lot. I used existing rocks from an old wall on the property for a portion of the wall.

Woodfin, NC

250+ ton project: 100 tons of rocks and boulders – 48 tons of gravel – 40 tons  of fill dirt – 70 tons of asphalt millings for driveway
In this project we built a over 130ft of 4ft retaining walls, to increase parking space and make a wrap around driveway.
Photo’s depict the progression of the project, the client finished the landscaping themselves after all rock work was completed


Lake Lure, NC

130 ton project: 60 tons of boulders – 70 tons of Rip-rap and gravel   –  60 yards of mulch
Multiple erosion control measure pluss a driveway extension

 Spring Restoration & Protection

Using rocks found on sight, I built walls around the spring to protect it from runoff and contaminants, and added a meditation platform.

Retaining Wall & Gradual Steps

Using rocks dug up from a drain field installation, a 2 ft wall to level the yard was created, and cascading gradual steps with a wheelbarrow path.


Stone Patio

Local Flagstone was used to create this patio. The patio has no mortar. In these pictures the patio is 4 years old.

2ft Wall to retain garden beds

Garden Bed Wall

This small, 1 ft wall, was built to hold the mulch around the garden bed.

Before and After

These 4 ft and 3ft walls were built to stabilize the hill behind a Black Mountain home.

50+ tons of Material were used in the construction of the 2 walls

The boulders and stone in this wall range from small stones to 700 lb boulders, all hand laid.

Besides holding up the hill and road above the house, the wall also directs water run-off from the road away from the foundation of the house

Gravel filled trench to direct road run-off away from the house

Before and After

Erosion Control Walls at the Asheville Waldorf School

16 tons of Stone were used to control the water from building and parking lot run-off and keep the playground from being inundated with silt